5 Top Productivity Podcasts You Should Check Out Now

For the uninitiated, podcast are just, a bunch of internet version radio for the 21st century. It features topic ranging from languages to spaceships and anything in between. Nowhere before had countless producers emerged within average Joes being at the forefront of value creation.So, you get everything for your different muse, no matter how niche it is.

I personally opted listening to podcast in late 2012 as a replacement habit to watching television, and I’m hooked.

Podcast is great antidote for chronic creative avoidance to mundane but necessary everyday chores like washing/sorting your clothes/dishes, tidying up your home, and perhaps running or cooking (although that’s not mundane in my book). For other non-productive waiting/buffer times, (think awaiting in queues at the post office or waiting for the car to be serviced), podcast is godsend.

If you haven’t yet attuned to listening to podcast, I envy you because I’ve sifted through thousands of podcasts out there, emerged unscathed and sorted the best 5 podcasts and 2 episodes each that you just NEED to check out to get started.

Thank me later.

1. Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss Show


I deconstruct world-class performers from eclectic areas (investing, sports, business, art, etc.) to extract the tactics and tricks you can use.

Why You Need to Check This Out:

Tim Ferriss, or as The New York Times aptly called him ‘the cross between Jack Welch and Buddhist monk’ back in 2006, single handedly created a new breed of design, Lifestyle Design. Now lifestyle design are mainstream and a lot of other ‘New Rich’ are sprawling all over the world trying to emulate his well-trodden path. What I love about Tim is that he’s not afraid to be sounding radical (you might be put off with his preference to smart drugs on many occasions) and counter-intuitive (recall Selective Ignorance and stoutly preaching Virtual Assistants).

But it didn’t dilute the fact that there are tons of tips, tricks, and hacking from the best minds. Since Tim Ferriss is a sucker for achieving the most in shortest way possible, you got a gem of 80/20 rules in action, most of the time.

Based on that, this is the No. 1 Podcast you should check.

Start with:

Lazy: The Manifesto

How to Earn Your Freedom

2. Rich Roll Podcast



Unlock Your Best Self

Why You Need to Check This Out:

Rich Roll is an ultra endurance runner once featured in 25 Fittest Man in the World list by Men’s Health. That’s not a surprising fact, aside that it all happened on the flip of previously being a coach potato until 39. Yerp! Battling from alcohol addiction (thoroughly chronicled in Finding Ultra – hugely recommended book), he had transformed himself into renowned health evangelist, preaching vegan diet. Double yerp! That means running those 100km only on vegetables, fruits, whole grains. Crazy!

I love his podcast as he brings awesome guests that are just outside of your normal reach (think freerunnner, tea serving monk, and the sample episodes below). You’d be pleasantly surprised! In the best possible ways, this podcast offers countless new insights suitable to accompany your running every morning.

Start with:

Spoken Word Poet In-Q: Reimagining Your Truth

Preston Smiles: It’s Your Job to be The Dopest Version of You

3. Good Life Project

Good Life Project


In-depth conversations with Entrepreneurs, Artists and World Shakers.

Why You Need to Check This Out:

Well, not exactly a podcast starting up as much as video project reminiscence of talk show. The best part, it’s about something we all should be intentional – How to Live a Good Life?

Jonathan Fields is the first podcaster that I listened to, and I’d go as far as burning the GLP into CDs to be heard in the car going to work. He is unconventionally honest and the conversations would normally flows freely in myriad directions to unearth the wisdoms from the cool guests.

Start with:

Seth Godin on Books, Business and Life

Accelerated Learning: How to Get Good at Anything in 20 Hours

4. Stuff You Should Know



Explore everything from genes to the Galapagos.

Why You Need to Check This Out:

Sometimes you just want to be smarter with facts presented casually by two funny guys, Josh and Clark. It’s like reading the encyclopedia or Wikipedia with steroids fillings of fun. The wide coverage of the topics meant you need to sift through most of the contents (leave How Tupperware Works and How Online Gambling Works for now as those did not jive with our objective).

I can attest, and with 100 millions download they boast – this is the podcast you should check out. The best named podcast on this list, don’t you agree? It’s like daring the listener – do you dare to not know these things? Cute.

Start with:

How the Louvre Works


5. This is Your Life with Michael Hyatt

This Is Your Life


Help you live with more passion, work with greater focus, and lead with extraordinary influence.

Why You Need to Check This Out:

One word, neat.

If all the podcast in this list are candidates for a good husband to your sisters, this would be stand-out choice from the mothers. Michael Hyatt is a former CEO from a publishing company thus he knew good deal of the ins and outs of publishing a book. Probably the eldest on this list, so what he values are the things dear to baby boomers – hard work, modesty. You get the idea.

Nice balance to lifehack culture so prevalent on Tim Ferriss’, sometimes you just want a no-nonsense timeless principles in your work. Not that he is outdated (in fact one of his most read post is about configuring Mac airport – I would surrender on that).

A must for every writer of all types.

Start with:

10 Biggest Mistakes People Makes in Setting Goals & How to Fix Them

Become More Productive by Reengineering Your Morning Rituals

Any other podcast you would add to the Top 5 Podcast? Let me know, man.


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