If I Could Paint a Perfect Day, This Would Be It (part 2)

Those quick nap has re-energized myself fully. It’s half an-hour later, and it’s time for Zuhur prayer. Shortly after, it’s time for a great lunch which has been made ready at the kitchen. Next, it will be time to tackle my current Project. It is the thing I’d be doing on daily basis that can either bring extra income or just for fun. It don’t have to be mutually exclusive though, just some things I did for income don’t feel like work anymore.

Normally this is the time when I do brainstorming, planning, executing, blueprinting, researching, composing or anything within the realm of create. Bringing something of value to others and myself, is rewarding as I had direct control to the whole process, something I embraced dearly throughout my life. I crave freedom to be able to pour in my time into something worthwhile, not because I need to but because I want to. Sometimes, I bring over my friends who enjoys creating for a project but most of the time it would be me, alone.

The thing I enjoyed most, operating in my own house as the command center for my Project, is the fact that I had a special room for creation. It’s primed to allow getting things done organically. It is clean, equipped with sufficient light, spacy (due to less stuffs in sight) and above all, always in order. I felt calm and peaceful in this room, and focusing to the task at hand is easy. Two hours has passed and I had completed the Project (or the portion I am targeting for the day).

I am still subjected to errands though, so the next 30 minutes are dedicated to maintaining the order in the house (not that long when you don’t own that much things), doing the bills & utility payments, and the laundry for the day. I’d be careful that this errands did not took more than it should, and while doing it, I’m listening to the latest podcast that I have downloaded.

After my Asar prayer, it’s time for a walk at the park with my daughter. Sometimes, this would be the time to spend at the gym or yoga sessions. I believed in spending time outdoors, so we normally just walk around the neighborhood or doing stuffs at the park. The other day I spend the evening coloring & drawing with my daughter. It’s great change of air after a day in the house. This could also be the time I catch up with my friends as they are spending the evening at the parks as well.

Coming back from walking (& second exercises), we get ready for an early dinner. I’m a fan of eating dinner as early as possible, to avoid the excess energy (and hence calories) following me to the bedroom. We took turns for cooking for dinner as I love cooking. It’s a form of creating as well. It also jives well with not needing to depend on others (freedom). Most of the time, we will invite our close friends over. I didn’t realize that we have spent an hour discussing on ideas and improvements over the dinner. That’s just how it is with like-minded people. They rarely interested to talk about other people (not that I’m complaining).

After the dinner and my Maghrib prayer, it’s time to head on to my create room once more, this time to perform some analysis on the market for trading. I love the fact that there are always new things to learn and analyse in trading world. I’m a medium to long term risk trader, hence I will do trade-and-forget at the forex market and keeping the records diligently for analysis later. It’s a nice trending months, and my system are perfectly suited for this kind of market. This did not mean that I should be greedy and forget my trading systems. I will need to remind myself to be intentional and be able to accept whatever consequences of my actions.

It’s 9.00PM, I had done almost all of the things I want to do for the day. I’m glad another day passed with curiosity, learning, connecting and according to my highest values (freedom). I’m grateful of being able to relax and being in the pursuit at the same time (does that makes sense?). I am chilling with my family and after doing same planning for tomorrow, it look set for calling it a day. Time to sleep.

Is it an ideal day? I don’t know. But it surely is a Perfect Average day!



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