Dream On, Dream On

If you asked me 2 years ago what would my dreams be, I would struggle to answer the simple question. But, it’s true. I don’t have any. I do have goals & objectives but none qualifies as a dream. No one says that but my heart knows.

Do you have a dream?

If you’re struggling just the same as I do, then discontent is the logical linear path. Discontent though, is the seed of progress. Don’t ever be bitter of discontent.

  • I thanked the fact that I’m in a deep finance struggle that I appreciate enough.
  • I am grateful that I got to feel how deeply unsatisfying working in a cog, despite I’m a round block. So, I can appreciate freedom.
  • I am blessed with knowing the bliss of missing the one you loved most despite knowing full fact that your time would never be yours alone.

Right now I’m in discontent. But I’m thankful of discontent, (or anxiety for that matter) as if the feeling is strong enough doing nothing is almost an act of insanity. This is a good discontent (I hope) which (ironically) makes me wakes up in the morning fully lit up for the Most Important Things for the day.

  • Am I going to learn new things today?
  • Am I going to push myself beyond my comfortable circle today?
  • Am I going to fulfill doing the right things, rather than caught up in doing things right?
  • Am I going to do the things, which over a long run, makes me closer to my dreams?
  • Am I going to give a f**k about how others going to think of me?

Dreams are paramount. It’s necessary. If you haven’t figured out your dream, list any endeavor you like, make it grander and pick any that’s the most appealing. It doesn’t matter. Worse is you are going to find out that perhaps it’s not in fact, your dream. However, moving into that direction, you will have known yourself so much more than ever before.

Don’t let your sight away from the problem. Face it. Face it straight in the eye and do everything in your power however small and insignificant. Because that is great, that is progress.

And that’s how I stumbled upon my dream. I know I’m discontent, I know I have got to change it.

My dreams then, to come out of this stronger, with freedom to be doing anything I want to.

To those who knows he is in discontent, do something. Do it now. As there’s no greater gift you can give to yourself. The chance to dream on.

Dream on.

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