Striving to Write Daily

I have rekindled my love to writing again just recently. It all started with a huge kick to finally wrote a post about how I come back from a 60K debt, which I felt should serve as a reminder to myself; if not others around me.

After a few positive responses, I kept going. I thought it was a lousy attempt of recounting the experiences, but I’m glad I took the step. Certainly, I’m not claiming writing as my passion – yet, as I’m hardly at a level where I am comfortable writing high quality content. Therefore, I will embark on yet another ambitious project in November; to write daily.

I will write one post a day on this blog.

These are the reasons I need to take this radical step:

  1. Training my writing muscles to write without waiting for inspirations. Often before, I need to wait for a huge inspiration to strike for me to get started. This slowed down my progress for betterment. Setting up a non-negotiable of writing daily without exception, then, is the only way to go. I was inspired by this quote: “A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word on paper.”
  2. Conforming with 10,000 hours rules. I have always known that we need to put in the hours for any worthy endeavors. I know it will be a long treacherous journey, but how will I succeed without going through it?
  3. Eventually incorporating writing as part of my daily structure. I have known that I have a fling with writing since my school days; being appointed as the school magazine editor and once, my writings was paraded at my school assembly for a sample of ‘good’ writing. It seemed that I should have some talent in writing. Unfortunately, I only wrote sporadically since then and has not improved at all. A great teacher spotting my anxiety recently pointed out that I need to re-engage with writing to expand my right brain activity. Furthermore, I need to find out whether I will be able to cultivate the passion out of writing. If I can make it a daily habit, then it is only a matter of time before I enjoy it fully and the day won’t make sense without doing it.
  4. Making my mind smarter everyday. Pursuing this challenge, publicly on a blog; will create positive pressure on myself to ensure I meet it and produce consistently at the level that I am comfortable to show it to the world. It will be read by others, so I can’t slack off in my standards of writing. This will (hopefully) lead to better writings over time!
  5. Forcing myself to write daily will only broaden my width of my writings. As you can see, I’m still finding my writing style and not to mention the niche areas that I like. It seemed though, that I love just about everything! I love financial struggles & tales, the technical movements of Forex, great running experiences, (plus book about running) all the way to minimalism. Those areas (especially minimalism) is greatly saturated and I want to be heard in a unique way. Hence, writing everyday will help me finding that unique niche as I will be forced to be creative for new topics, old topics with new angles and combination of those (if that make sense).

Have a look at what Jeff Goins got to say about writing daily, here.

13 days in, I need to revise the project statement. It will be a post in 2 days. Explained here.

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  2. […] this month, I set out to write daily blog post here. It’s 13 days in and I don’t have 13 posts. Clearly the target is far too ambitious for […]

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