My First Ever Value Statement and What Started It

Dream on, Dream On. It’s all for my good. Dream on, Dream On. I’d do it like I should. Tres Empre

The journey of finding yourself, is the most difficult but it is certainly the best endeavor that you owed to yourself.

It all started with this video.

I’d be frank. Unless you’re hopeless romantics or Unitarian who enjoys complicating even the basic question of ‘Who Are We?’ you might not really able to grasp the content.

It tells us that, life’s purpose is not Love or Money (duh) but living according to your values.

What was that supposed to mean? I said with an air of misguided teenage drowned in superficial so-called wisdom preferring instead hysterical scream of angry metal-core bands.

I didn’t pay much attention to it, but the seed of the idea grows within me. Perhaps, just perhaps; I have starting to unearth my values. Unfortunately, knowing your values is not easy. I haven’t found the formula – yet. However I knew, it needs major changes in your life and the ability to reflect; extracting what it meant.

I have compiled values, which each of them (not surprisingly for a melancholic) brings very deep backstory. For now, I’d like to present them just the way they were arranged by me back in February this year.

“I strive to live according to my values. I always function best in ORDER. I am FREE to be RADICAL. I RUN and EXERCISE; I PRAY and MEDITATE. I am curious for lifelong LEARNING. I attained WEALTH. I will CREATE daily”

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