Why I Need to Wake-Up Early

Having been in and out of early rising since Dec 2013, I have noticed the tremendous benefits of waking-up early. Among others:

1. Serene time for myself

I view this as the most important thing. Having a few hours all by myself it seemed, the whole reason why I need to wake-up early. As I don’t get my nights to be allocated to family, this time is essential for me to write in my journal and mediate. I have noticed that I siply cannot do it on other time due to many distractions.

2. Arriving early at office

This is the obvious by-product of waking-up early. As I am in the process of establishing the best routines for my day; it seemed paramount for me to arriving early at office to ensure in-turn I can get off by office on the evening. I don’t want to be clocking insufficient hours either.

3. Accomodate running

Since setting myself for 5 times running-a-week goal, I’m hooked up. Part of it due to Rich Roll fraternity which keep on pushing for more miles, another is the intrinsic feeling of running itself. It is an awesome feeling starting my day with an achievement in my belt already. It kind of set the tune of the whole day.

4. Established routines are easier to be done

Since I’m not rushing, I can slowly perform my established routines. To put it simply I will need to pray, write, meditate, run, having a breakfast and off to work. Waking up late causes me to brush through some steps and I don’t like it.

I’m still in the process of coming up with a system that works for me in terms of the routines and timeline. However the obvious natural step is to ensure I wake-up at 6am every morning. Period.


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