Designing 2014: Looking Forward

After weeks soaking in my analyses (inclusive of a rare treat to Georgetown), I finally settled down with 4 goals to be accomplished this year. I’d like to record it here for public accountability and sharing purposes.

So, here they goes, my goals for 2014:

1. Improving Time Management. Issues that keep on emerging from last year are how little I spent my time connecting with families and friends. I also felt anxious for not doing things more dear to my soul. In 2014, I’d like lifestyle design be my craft. My focus is to establishing routines on daily level, incorporating cyclical actions in quarters, and heavy Q2 bits into year’s planning. I ditched SMART, so the details of this will come later. Over time, I would like improve general sense of satisfaction by doing first things first, consistently.

2. Write consistently. I’d like to get in touch with my inner voice more, by writing in different outlets. My metric is simple; to be able to write massive value topics which interest me in purpose of helping at least 1 person. I’d not afraid of sharing my fears and be vulnerable (most of the time) as I know the same questions and fears applicable to all of us. I’d like to write at least once per week so expect 52 posts or more in this blog!

3. Pursue Devine Space Project. Currently, we are in the process of acquiring our third house.  The main reason of our decision to buy the house (albeit super small) is to have a space which perfectly aligned with our activities. The house will be minimalist, easy to clean, and having top-notch items only. We came up with lists of characteristics of our ‘Devine Space’. The list will be shared here. Anyway, we trim the list into only the essentials as we don’t want to spend a fortune either.

4. Start investing in FOREX, Stocks. This is the only money-centric goals that I have this year. I’ve been researching Forex and Stocks since early 2013 and now I had some extra funds for that purpose. The objective of the investment is for medium term (3-5 years) timeline for start-up funds and/or our next properties killing.

Wish me luck!

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