How to Do an Annual Review for 2013 (Part 2)

So, these series will be about 4 steps of How to Do an Annual Review for 2013 :

  1. Revisit 2013 goals and honestly rate yourself
  2. Answer this question: What Goes Well?
  3. Next, answer this question: What Didn’t Go Well?
  4. Proceed basis of goals for 2014

This post is the second & third steps of doing an annual review for yourself. I will ask myself What Goes Well? and What Didn’t Go Well (as honest as I can). It’s my review hence there’s no right or wrong answer (don’t bash please).

To recap, my goals for 2013 are as follows:

  1. Zero bad debt by May 2013
  2. Own 3 Houses
  3. Self-sustained ASB
  4. Savings stabilization

You would noticed from previous post that I’m declaring victories for all of the goals. Now in these steps, I am figuring out perhaps the same strategies which are working can be emulated and hopefully embedded in my habits. Similarly, I am pointing out the basis of improvement for 2014. Writing helps unearth this otherwise hidden voice of yourself.

What Goes Well?

  1. Reaching the goals are possible. There are definitely some elements of self-doubts especially since my 2013 goals are money oriented and I’m still struggling financially. It shows that goal settings exercise is working for me as I know the realistic limit (low number of goals for focus).
  2. Financial management improved with better general sense of living. I did fall into several emotional breakdowns, but looking back it seemed that it is a necessary learning for me. I incorporated monitoring my every transactions and the funny thing is I become accustomed to drinking plain water. Reducing the spending to the bare minimum also helps as a minimalist, as I had fewer distractions these days.
  3. Know-how in Property Management improved. I got to know the sequence of buying. We are also lucky as very minimal capital are required (for our Miri house, a total of only RM4,200 is required!). In the process of buying the 3 houses, we met a good bank officer, a pro-active agent which are very few and far in between. However, we have yet to meet a good lawyer. Definitely keeping them for the next transactions (we call it killings).
  4. Several habits started and to be continued in 2014. Among others from top of my head right now. Exercising every 2 days. Stop smoking. Becoming an early riser. Perfecting prayers. Closing the gates. Using safety belts while driving. Listening to Jonathan Fields. Doing Duolingo French. Reading (over-achieve 33 vs 20!). Drinking mostly plain water. Delaying gratifications. Wash dishes. Taking vitamins.

What Didn’t Go Well?

  1. I had a whole section in my scribbling book detailing why am I avoiding to set goals about work. I guess over the years, I developed pretty clear distinction between living and work whilst they can truly never be separated. There are some self-doubts and fears involved but mostly boiled down to lack of self expression & meaning. I am tackling this issues in 2014.
  2. Lack of good time management system. For the most part of 2013, I get pretty anxious (Donut can be the testament of that) every time I deviate from plan or running late to office. This lead to another and next thing you now, the whole day is spent rushing and hustling without really completing anything. As a result several areas suffers. I don’t write and play music as much as I’d like. Lack of time spent with families. Lost touch of Most Important Things. No basis for skill upgrading. Slow progress of bussiness endeavor (ShirtCo). I’d like to incorporate Stephen Covey’s way of improving time management. He argues that we need to focus on Q2 (Important but Not Urgent) things. By focusing, it meant we simply need to make time for it, letting go of other distractions (love it!)
  3. I got feedback from Donut that I am not attentive enough to our family. It is understandable as I think too much (my name is Ilham for God’s sake!) while I suppose to zone in to the moments. Am looking to incorporate new habits in this area such as reducing Iphone time while I am with family and cultivating a good time management (an intentional sections of the day devoted to family is the way, I guess). Let’s see how it goes!
  4. I still am pretty disillusioned. I guess due to losing touch of my creative sides for too long is a bit tiring. I currently am toying with the grand changes but at the same time I know that those might be some things I mused (read fear). I give up being a musician (thank God). However, there’s still voices asking me to take a Stanford Business School (Chip Conley & Seth Godin are the culprits), gap year, and being an entrepreneur. I have resolve to give myself 2 years to do more things and asking my inner self. Perhaps the above are not the way either.
  5. Compare to the previous concerns, this seemed pale in comparison. While I’m consistently exercising, I don’t really follows any exercise schemes anymore. I don’t know what are my 100% in terms of weight lifting. At current state, I’m happy just exercising. I guess the intrinsic benefits & endorphins completely taken over me now. The plans goes out of the window as I ditched the unrealistic goal of having 6 packs. It didn’t appeal to me much now but not having any direction is tickling my nerve. So, in 2014 I’m getting back to having at least a general regime of exercising.

to be continued

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