Lean AF Forever Project

I get it. Life is hard. There are 1001 things you need to do and ace. Kids, groceries, surviving financially, and the full time job. Who even had the time for another endeavor: getting to your fighting weight?

  • You’re on your 30s. You remember your hey days of playing football with unlimited energy. Good old metabolism. If you’re a women, remember the days before you get married. You’re thin!
  • You’re panting when taking the stairs.
  • You had a glance at your stomach, how it become like this?
  • You want to change, spot that fighting body, but unfortunately left to rue another missed goals.

Something need to be different.

Remember, INSANITY : Doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different result.

I’m offering a way out, a different route this time so you can ace body target once and for all.

But first, what is Lean AF Forever?

  • means having less than 17% for male & 24% for female,
  • within BMI range of normal,
  • with visible muscular tone.
  • with built-in habits that enable you spot this condition forever.
I’ve been FAT
I’ve been Lean AF

Why You Fail Previously & How I Can Help

  • You don’t have the right knowledge. The process is simple, if you understand it. But, you felt learning about this stuff takes too much time. It didn’t have to be. I’ll explain only the things you need to focus at your stage.
  • You want perfection. Most people will want to start with a bang; 5 day split and HIIT everyday. I didn’t want to talk exercise if you haven’t sort out the more important thing. Forget perfection, opt for increment progress. It’s sustainable.
  • You are doing it alone. Without someone within your circle who has achieved your target, a community who pushes you and the right feeds into your mind, it’s easy to get distracted. I’ll show how you can get to success by retraining your mind.
  • You focus on the wrong thing. 99% people will go do some form of exercise (mostly cardio) to lose that weight. It’s the wrong focus. There at least 3 important steps you need to do before looking at your exercise.
  • You forgot that it is a marathon, not a sprint. Starving, diet, and having a war with foods are not the way to go. I will show a better relationship with food as a fuel and also enjoy the fun food. This is sustainable.

Get to Guaranteed Success by Having Someone else Vested in You

The powerful benefits of having a coach (I experienced it myself) is that having another person vested to see you hitting your goals. I’ve been looking to be in better shape since 2012, and really in 2017 that I made huge strides in my body shape. While I won’t trade anything for the experience prior to having a coach, you can really benefit by having another people looking over your shoulder (but not to babysit you) setting the right target at your current condition, implement the right activities and monitoring.

Make Pre-requisite of LEAN AF Easier to Implement

Losing weight and having better body shape requires you to incorporate meal log and workout log. If you haven’t do it before, implementing this system will prove to be a gigantic task. You need a proven, simple system that are easy to be adhered to. Yet, it should be complete enough for you to go for the next step. We won’t get to perfection on the first day, that’s the main issue I’ve seen with people to trying to lose weight and get better body shape. You want to implement the changes subtly for the habits to last.

Clear Focus Rather than Get Lost in The Maze

Losing weight supposed to be a simple matter (get to Calorie Deficit), if you have done it before and all you do is replicating the previous steps. But for beginners, you are up against a huge unseen force. This force mainly is bad habits accumulated over the years. There are also unsolicited advice from friends (who haven’t been there) and thousands of information from the internet. If they are not downright BS, some are written with different purpose. For example, the most well-known gym routine is performing 5-day split (focusing different muscles each day). This is not wrong. But, for buzy executives and a father, you know the chance of doing it is close to zero. You need a supporter, a guide, a mentor who has gone through the process of combining reality and pare down the required act to the essentials so you can keep the weight off forever.

How It Works

  1. We’ll spend time to understand your existing habits. Why you keep on eating unhealthy foods instead of the better options.
  2. A meal plan that is realistic for your current habits to achieve calorie deficit (for most people).
  3. A workout plan that incorporate your equipment availability, previous injuries, and target.
  4. Continuous monitoring every Sunday to see progress/lack of progress for the following week’s improvement.
  5. Sometime, you need to be awaken from slumber. Few brutal truths will have to be said. And it won’t be pretty..

Commandments of Lean AF Forever

  1. Be Lean AF, Forever
  2. What’s Monitored Get Done
  3. Incremental Progress – Small progress is better than lazy ass.
  4. Progress Come in Many Ways.
  5. It’s Not Your Fault
  6. Lean AF is an enabler, not restricting you from having fun. Live your life.
  7. Eat (mostly) Everything
  8. Work With Invisible Forces
  9. Be Present on the Process (Enjoy It).
  10. There Will be No End.

Who Should Apply

  1. Prior experience of going to the gym. You will need to refer to the internet/someone else for the correct form when lifting. However, you can ask me in WA, and I’ll point you to some guides.
  2. Those with burning desire & discipline to get back to their fighting weight. New habits will be installed to your Operating Software (your mind). While this is done incrementally, you will need to do your part.
  3. Those who can pay RM500/16 weeks. Payable upfront before the session. It’s an indication of your commitment and incentive for me to put my time on you. It’s refundable if you didn’t get your goals. Since, it is beta-testing, means I’m not fully done with the program. I’m getting feedback and incorporate improvements for the next clients as I go. When beta-testing ends, the price will be higher.

Hit me in FB or Instagram if you’re interested.