The blog meant to document my journey towards intentional living.

I was in such a deep shit back in 2000s. Living mindlessly, just plodding along the well carved path of good life makes me lose sight of dreams and what it meant to be able to really live. It took a 60K bad debt, marriage and a daughter to make me realize that it shouldn’t be this way. Around this time, I stumbled into minimalism, and the other changes are really just an iterative process of being more intentional, day-in day-out. I ran my first 10K and half marathon, stopped smoking, enjoyed reading again, and discover host of other great habits to improve my life further.

The journey has just begun. Thanks for checking this blog.

This would be the place where I would take my introvert pangs (if there’s such a word) flows in solitude ideally, every morning. I wrote about being the better me through intentional changes targeted to my daily habits. In the process, I’m in pursuit of discovering my passions and dreams.

What else? Let’s see. Well, the coolest band on earth is The Fall of Troy. I spoke 5 languages (I wished!) – if you can accept ability to say Je suis un garcon riche as ability to speak French then it is, an avid bookworm (add me on Goodreads and tell me your favorite books), and obsessed with goals & projects.

Have a look at my attempt to describe my personnel value statement.

That’s pretty much it and see you around!

I can be contacted at my FB and Twitter.