My Top Cut Red Nike Shoe is a Fad, So Wear it While it Lasts

Tyler Durden of The Fight Club uttered a great line that shocked me, “The Things that you own end up owning you.” It sent waves to my core as it is so true. The common path of living and working life everywhere you look nowadays is to accumulate and hoard more, and in doing so we will have to work more to pay for that. This in 2008, sparked my interest towards minimalism and changed the way I think albeit slowly.

Back in those days, I was a stuff junkie. I had a crazy list of Items I Want (my housemate can vouch for the sheer ridiculousness of that) where I lustfully list down every stuff that I fantasize from new rim for my car, a car, new pair of undies all the way to having good hair dryer. But my greatest weakness would be clothes. I am crazy over having new shirts (mostly round necks), shoes and skinny jeans. I didn’t need to wait for any end of year sale or anything; whenever I saw good motives, the artist in me would yelled, cried and rolled on the floor demanding “I WANT IT!!”.

It’s not easy, when you are out of touch with your creative endeavors, consuming other people creativity is the only outlet you’d know (same like watching TV). So, i just buy (using credit cards – course) shove the shirts, and shoes and skinny jeans of latest trends in my closet aspiring to wear it on every special parties and celebrations. There will be a day when I need to be at my absolute zest best rocking my new top cut Nike shoes that was so trendy back then.

Nike Top Cut

Or so I thought.

But I am comfortable with my normal shirts and shit. The special shit that I bought was always either too rad for my introvert self (I haven’t learned that I value rad yet). So the season and years passed I hardly wear those items until it become unwearable. Those top cut red Nike shoe; it become yesteryear’s’ fashion.  And the shirts that I bought, oh those are no longer rad and i just don’t like it anymore.

Impulse Buying is Never the Answer

And that generally it, the impulse buying rarely the thing that we really need. Better way to handle this is by having a list of items you lust for 3 months prior and re-assess time and again. But I’m not telling you here to stop buying clothes or anything.

I just want you to wear that great gear that you bought and realize; this moment, right now, today is the only moment that you had. Tomorrow isn’t promised to any one of us. So, rather than prescribed to the future event that would never take place, dress the best for today.

If you find out that you skipped any shirts due to it being too rad or simply you are not liking it anymore, then it’s time to toss it away.

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