If I Could Paint a Perfect Day, This Would Be It (part 1)

My morning alarm break through the silence of the dawn, with it’s husky voice of rise & shine. I can wake up on myself but years hearing those words kept me getting used to the kick in the morning. I felt super fresh of a good night sleep and a look at the clock shows 450AM in the morning, just in time for my morning prayer and for a verse of Quran. There’s nothing more satisfying knowing that you’re putting the only important thing first.

I’m still having the blessings to be alive.

I’m still alive and having the chance to experience the best, doing the best I could to alleviate sufferings and be of service joyfully.

After the prayer, I proceed to change into my sporting outfit. It’s workday for others, but I am not going to let physical activities being sacrificed over other things, even if I’m still (ehem) working for the man. On other days, I would do HIIT and calisthenics, while on weekends, I’ll do Long Run Saturday. I love them all the same. For today though, it’s my solo run threading the paths at my neighborhood backyard, dashing along a slow moving road, conscious to the sun which just about to begin it’s presence. I clocked a good timing for a 5KM today, my personal best; which mean I started the day with yet another accomplishment. It never ceases to amaze me that the older I get, the fitter I’d be.

Back from a quick warm down and a slow jog to my house, finding out my family is yet to wake up; I did a simple healthy breakfast for them. I prioritize healthy foods hence there are a lot of vegetables, fruits, and whole meals of top quality. The nourishment that I get from eating healthy foods are going to enable me to perform through day at the best level that I could. Served with Japanese green tea that I loved; I eat slowly. Reflecting on my runs occasionally but at most, just enjoying the taste of the foods.

After finishing my breakfast, it’s still early in the morning at 7AM (that’s why I got hooked up on being an early riser!). I glanced through my journal and add some important things which I felt like doing for the day. There are some other blessings which I need to be grateful for, and I jot them down so my mind can operate in a state of abundance.

There are topics which captured my attention on my writing list, hence I started writing & researching for a very focused content for the day. I loved writing hence I will feel time passes through without me noticing. It’s the experience of flow that get me hooked up. I have write for a quite a long time now that whenever I hit my keyboard, pretty soon I’m transcending into the magical state of creation. At this world, I’m the narrator of my own thoughts, and my job is to capture it into the most effective form. I am never able to experience this before on any other endeavor and I’m glad to be able to do this one thing, everyday. My table top for writing are spotless with no distraction at all. Just my laptop and my journal. There’s music in the background, to the tune of Spotify’s focus. The words flow based on the main theme that I’d like and suddenly, I have finished writing! Not bad for a 2 hour work. I have completed the portion that I’m targeting for the day on the level of quality that I am comfortable to be shown to the world. It needed editor’s edit though, but that would be others job as mine are done.

My daughter has just waked up, and it’s my greatest time of the day, having to see her smile with excitement for play. I will always need to learn from this small girl; the way she lives without fear or other false beliefs that may wrap all of us as adults. She is pure, and the laugh in the morning shows that she is eager to have yet another joyful day. I bring her to breakfast and we spend a good time for a bath and prepping for school. After she is ready, we walk to her school which is just about 1KM away. Sometimes, we cycle, but today’s good weather calls for a walk.

Getting back to my home, it’s the time to get in touch with my other family members, reminding them of the next family retreat and confirm the plan. I got to be in touch with my other siblings as well and we discuss a bit on the next project that we are working on, setting new heights every time the previous project objectives are met. There’s always a new dimension to be explored, so why stop there when you’re doing what you love?

It’s close to mid-day and it’s high time for reading my books on the must-read shelves. I don’t keep that much book anymore, but the one I keep are either yet to be read or the book that I need to revisit every year. Today, it’s a book about the topics that I am super excited about, it has a good reviews in Goodreads so I know I’m not going to waste my time. After a quick read, I’m beginning to feel sleepy. Hence, I descended for a quick nap.

Part 2 of the day, later.


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