My 2014 Goals Update (as of November)

Goal #1: Improving time management;

1. To be an early riser consistently (by joining 5AM club!). I can see myself achieving this, albeit slowly. On a very productive day such as Long Run Saturday, I will rise as early as 450AM. However, I am still subjected to occasional slip up especially if the previous day was a heavy exercise day. For instance, today I rise a bit later than usual at 620AM. This is already a very big improvement from my previous time waking up at 7 or 8AM this time last year. The major improvements are I am able to sleep earlier and felt fresher in the morning with 7 hours sleep.

2. Do important Q2 activities
a. retreat with family, (done in May at Penang)
b. retreat with friends, (done in Jan at Penang as well).
c. important trainings, (done, 3 eye opening trainings)
d. half-marathon, (done 21km run in Oct)
e. visiting USA
All of the above are completed except (e) which hopefully can be done by end November.

3. Established routines daily;
a. My daily activity should consist of golden hours (meditate, yoga, duolingo), creative muse (writing, composing music, playing guitar, learning new songs etc), exercise, connecting to existing/new relationship, learning anything, reading and improving systems around me for a better ORDER.
b. Committing to The Projects; everyday.
I have been able to incorporate most of the aspects I want in a daily routines. However, I am definitely still in Creative Avoidance for the most important things; namely The Projects and Creative Muse. I find out that I won’t be having any resistance doing things I have started to enjoy (running, meditation, duolingo and of course, reading) but it is almost impossible to meet the writing goals and other creative endeavors. I am currently putting writing goals above others this month with an ambitious Writing Daily Project. Wish me luck!

4. Established historical data for every cyclical activities for better planning. Stuffs like driving license renewal, servicing my car, renewing Toasmaster membership, etc. This is easy, done in my journal.

Goal #2: Write 52 posts in this very blog

This is the area which I have failed miserably. I supposed to be on my way to 44th post, but I’am currently at a measly 12th post! I still want to have a go at it so my latest project is… (drumroll), Writing Daily!

Goal #3: Complete Devine Space Project

I had completed the purchase of my current house, and completed the major renovations required for optimal but still minimal living. The best things that I have done to the house are extending the kitchen for better space and installing the hardwood. It is so much easier to be cleaned and I’m satisfied with the overall systems in-place. There are some punchlists though which I am planning to close by the end of the year.
1. Hanging some picture/inspirational images at the wall (now it’s dead empty)
2. Painting some walls both outside & inside.
3. Installing panel for curtain in the Create Room which currently left bare.

Goal #4: Start Investing in Forex & Stocks

In order to eventually achieve this, I have set some mini-goals for the milestones of the journey;
1. Completing the major commitment transactions (the two houses and any amount owed to others). I should be able to manage the possibility of having to pay for 2 houses while waiting for the investment apartment to be rented.
2. Securing the retirement extra income via ASB by ensuring the end of year dividend is reinvested 100% towards the loan settlement, every year. No question.
3. Building The Freedom fund. A % of this will be channeled to Forex & Stocks. Targeting RM100K by 2018 for the capital.

Item 1 and 2 are complete, and on-going item 3 (this will continue until 2018). I have certainly started Forex but Stocks won’t be my game for now. My immediate action with regards to Forex trading is to improve my trading plan and ensuring good record keeping for analysis. Targeting a functional trading plan by end of this year.

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  1. In this article about Goals.
    R u flexible to be part of someone else’s goals? If their goal is contradict with yours, will u still entertain?

    1. if it’s aligned with what I treasured the most, of course!

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